We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. What we need is a mindshift in the way we see and navigate in the world, where we leave the degenerative way of extracting, controlling, and degrading our planet into a regenerative way of giving back more than we take to our living systems, creating a thriving world for all.

We need to unlearn our old behaviours and create new ones. What we need is a paradigm shift, not only scratching the surface but going deep into the root cause of our problems, asking the right questions, rather than doing quick fixes to problems on the surface. We need a holistic approach, a systems thinking view, to move into a better future for all.

If you feel like ready to give up the old system and enter the new one, welcome to the Regenerative Minds.


The regenerative approach starts in the mind, in the deeper understanding of how life and the living system works. Not only as an outer knowledge but as a way of being.

A journey of unlearning and relearning. The mindshift starts with reconnecting with the planet, with the nature that we are actually a part of and totally dependent on to survive, even though we’ve been fighting it as our enemy for far too long. It’s time to become friends again, actually preferably best friends, maybe even lovers, helping each other out, putting the thrivability of life at the center of every act and every decision.

Let's deep dive into the root cause of our problems, exploring the illusion of separation, to meet the challenges we are facing today.